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Control Panels

With our Vision CNC, Fiber Laser Cutter and CO2 Laser’s we can create tamper-proof, wear-resistant control panels from a wide range of materials. Our CNC/Laser machines make it easy to create perfect reproductions for high volume jobs such as a fleet of boats or aircraft. Also we will keep your job file for future replacement parts. Control panels for air conditioners, ventilation systems, boats, planes, helicopters, elevators, industrial panels and more get in touch with Aura and we can start the design process.

Aura can manufacture control panels out of anodised aluminium and stainless steel with variable thicknesses. Anodised aluminium provides a solvent and scratch resistant panel, which can have multiple colours. Etched stainless steel control panels are suitable for the harshest of environments including Marine and Oil & Gas applications.

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